• Products & Services

    Designed to build brands and drive performance.

  • Strategy

    Strategy is at the heart of what we do and what sets us apart. For us it’s not just about getting a 1% improvement on the last click and lower funnel activities.


    We know brand and performance impact each other; you don’t search for brands you’ve never heard of, and every performance impression impacts how consumers see your brands.


    We also recognize your amazon activities are often part of a broader ecommerce or marketing plan. With our agency experience working across all media for some of the world’s largest clients we can pull it all together for you.

    And we can answer some of your most burning questions, such as:

    • Should I be on Amazon (with my new product)?
    • Should I sell my new products or those I can’t sell anywhere else?
    • Will Amazon cannibalize my D2C sales?
    • How do I win alongside grey market 3rd Party sellers?
    • How much budget should I put toward Amazon?
    • How do I ensure my brand media and performance don’t bid up prices?
    • What target audience(s) should I define and go after?
    Even navigating Amazon's ecosystem and myriad terms can be complicated so we've created our own Amazon Glossary covering all the key terms clients need to know.
  • Advertising

    Across our company, we have over 100 years of collective experience working for some of the largest clients in the world, from Coca-Cola to Kia, Johnson and Johnson, BMW, Amazon, Qantas, Unilever, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Fiat Chrysler, Fitbit, GoPro and more.


    In short, we understand the marketing, advertising and media world better than any competitors. And not just across media optimization but also in terms of data, modeling, creative and analytics.


    Our expertise spans the breadth of Amazon’s advertising offering – not just focused on Sponsored Product/Brands (search). Our case studies include search plus DSP, custom, sampling, video, content and more.

    Only Podean can help you create an Amazon marketing plan to leverage the full ecosystem and mapped to the consumer journey.


    Our team are experts in discovering new, loyal and higher-yielding audiences through a combination of media tactics – so it’s not just about farming from those already familiar with your brand, but rather recruiting new fans.


    Our privileged relationship with Amazon ensures our clients are always given the opportunity to test innovative media solutions at Amazon such as voice search audio ads via Alexa.

  • Creative

    Creative has an exponential impact on your Amazon performance, and it’s something very few Amazon specialists understand nor have the expertise to advise clients and produce the creative.


    Our experience has shown that:

    • Effective page and store creative including video, images and copy can increase conversions by up to 20%.
    • Better display advertising creative can drive between 50-150% increase in conversions.
    We have created a fast-turnaround multi-versioning software tool to cost-effectively quality display assets and page listings. Our expert creative team of 6 give Podean clients an unfair advantage.
  • Retail

    In short, we can help you with everything as it comes to retail.


    Our services include ASIN setup, product page listings content, A+ content, creation of stores, optimization of stores/pages, review generation and optimization, strategy to become a Best Seller, inventory management, demand forecasting and more.


    Our ex-Amazon vendor managers can give you the inside knowledge required to expedite all aspects of retail operations with Amazon. There are many specific terms used within Amazon retail so we've created a downloadable Glossary of the most important Amazon retail terms.

  • Innovation

    Amazon does not stop innovating, nor do we.


    There is a lot more to driving success on Amazon and especially when launching new brands or products, the ability to stand out is essential.


    For our clients we create high impact custom solutions, sampling programs, product testing programs, Alexa skills, voice ads and more.


    We have two dedicated award-winning technologists on the team to keep you at the forefront of what’s possible and lead your competition.

  • Insourcing

    Mere mention of the term “In-sourcing” sends shivers down the spine of many agencies – mostly because they’re operating in a non-transparent manner and abusing their client relationships.


    Not us. We get it. Different clients have different needs, focuses and budget pressures.


    For many clients, it’s not feasible to in-source all aspects of their marketing – finding, training and retaining talent can be very difficult especially when those with Amazon skillsets are so highly sought after.

    However, for some it’s an ideal solution and has advantages around campaign/program approvals and potential long-term cost benefits.


    Our four-stage insourcing process can be tailored to any client and includes initial assimilation and campaign tidying, followed by client shadowing the Podean team accompanies by regular training, to client handover with Podean oversight, to having the Podean team on-call for any additional support that is needed.

  • Analytics

    Success isn’t success if you can’t measure it. Especially if you don’t have a clear ‘before and after’ to justify every success or to learn from.


    Our tools give clients transparent views on campaign reporting and performance.


    Our Podsight solution overlays Amazon activities on top of your overall media schedule to look at all activities in a holistic manner to determine true attribution.

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